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At Global Trust Industries, We Understand That Your Assets Need To Work For You.

We’ve been working with buyers and sellers in the mining, construction and transport sectors, helping our customers to negotiate the best prices when purchasing equipment, inspecting assets and facilitating sales within safe, honest and transparent deals that protect buyers and sellers, both locally and globally.

Working capital outlays can help a business grow if the right assets are purchased, but if too much is spent, equipment is faulty or the wrong buying decisions are made, your bottom line will take strain.

Our assistance ensures you get the best equipment at the right price.

Our Promise To You

When you choose Global Trust Industries as your trusted purchasing partner:

 You’ll benefit from our extensive industry knowledge.

 Our benchmarking capabilities that ensure you are paying market value for your equipment.

 Past sales that you can relate to.

 Referrals from previous buyers and companies within your industry or vertical.


       How We Work

At Global Trust Industries, we believe in offering our clients security, guidance, transparency and extensive industry knowledge and experience, which combined gives them the tools to make the best buying decisions.


Our services ensure that every aspect of a transaction is covered:

·        We ensure you can view the asset before any purchase decision is made.

·        We assist with negotiations with the seller.

·        We report on any faults.

·        We can assist with the upliftment of assets.

·        We communicate with you throughout the purchasing process.

We also offer:

·        Free inspection of assets.

·        Free guidance through the entire purchasing process.

·        Accompaniment to the asset.

·        Resolution of any queries with seller on the asset.


              Machinery and Earthmoving        

Investing in a used equipment is a risk but also has its benefits especially in costing compared to new assets. If there is no knowledge of mechanics a buyer should insure before inspection of any item that you should have a qualified mechanic. Used equipment can be resold many times and as long as buyers keep maintaining your investment.

Global trust industries guidelines when purchasing used assets.

1.      Year and Hours.

Depending on the year of the asset you are purchasing you should ask the seller if there is service history and the cycle of hours of service intervals.

2.      Terrain.

What condition and terrain the machinery has worked in will determine strain the unit has taken? Buyers should take in account of the access of spares close to site.

3.      Demonstration.

When testing a used machinery there are vital components that needs to be checked

·        Transmissions.

·        Engine.

·        Articulations.

·        Cylinders.

·        Booms for cracks.

·        Hydraulics.


               Truck and Trailer  

When it comes to investing in a used truck and trailer there are some key points to consider.   Investing in used trucks and trailers has its benefits in costing compared to new assets and one should have a budget for repairs. Trucks are available in automatic and manual and should be the buyer’s decision which would be the preferable transmission.

·        Take note if there is any rust on the asset.

·        Check the oils and if there is service history on Trucks.

·        Tires are expensive so check the percentage of thread.

·        Check if there is any welding on the chassis.

·        Anybody or accident damage.



The main purpose of evaluations is to gain a view of the value amount of the asset in the current marketplace.

Global trust industries provide a market value at a cost and has an independent valuation company to do a compare analysis to ensure correct values are of the current marketplace

There is a process to follow for valuation

·        Price of a new asset.

·        Year.

·        Km or Hours.

·        Condition.

·        Terrain asset worked.

·        History on asset.

·        Replacement parts cost.

Transport Logistics and Shipping

Transport and shipping are fundamentally moving on assets from one place to another. The main objective is to transport the assets in a safe and secure environment.

Logistics plays major part in the purchase of your investment which Global trust Industries can arrange competitive quotes form reputable transport and shipping companies to ensure that your asset arrives safe and securely globally. 



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Known for many years with the assisting of our very first batch of earthmoving equipment right up to our current fleet.

Professionalism, integrity and willingness to go above and beyond our requirements makes us look nowhere else, whenever we need to add a new piece of earthmoving equipment.

In our opinion no one else does a better job catering to all your equipment needs.


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